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[Thymus vulgaris]


Aromatherapy – Cleansing, purifying

THYME [ Thymus vulgaris ] is a clear, pale yellow liquid with a sweet, green-fresh mild spicy-herbaceous odour. The essential oil is distilled from the fresh or partially dried leaves and flowering tops.

THYME Essential Oil helps in these areas:

SKIN CARE : Abscess, acne, bruises, burns, cuts, dermatitis, eczema, insect bites, lice, gum infections, oily skin, and scabies.

CIRCULATION, MUSCLES AND JOINTS : Arthritis, cellulitis, gout, muscular aches and pains, obesity, oedema, poor circulation, rheumatism, sprains, sports injuries.

RESPIRATORY SYSTEM : Asthma, bronchitis, catarrh, coughs, laryngitis, sinusitis, sore throat, tonsillitis.

DIGESTIVE SYSTEM : Diarrhea, dyspepsia, flatulence.

GENITO-URINARY SYSTEM : Cystitis, urethritis.

IMMUNE SYSTEM: Chills, colds, flu, infectious diseases.

NERVOUS SYSTEM: Headaches, insomnia, nervous debility, and stress-related complaints.

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